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Wednesday, April 14 2021 / Published in Form 4473, Gun Stores, NICS
It’s no secret there’s a shortage of ammunition and firearms. Unfortunately, this shortage has triggered a retail frenzy over the past 18 months. Nearly 40 million guns were purchased legally in 2020, and another 4.1 million were bought in January. U.S. gun sales in January surged 60% to 4,137,480. This makes it the largest single
Friday, March 26 2021 / Published in Bulletproof Security, Cloud Storage, Form 4473
Secure Digital Storage
What is Secure Digital Storage? For anyone who is in business today, data is one of the most important assets. It’s also one that criminals are only too happy to steal. Or try to. Because of that, protecting your data needs to be a high priority. Putting a lock on your storeroom office isn’t enough.
Thursday, March 04 2021 / Published in ATF, Bulletproof Security, Form 4473
personal identity protection
Do legal gun purchasers have a right to anonymity? In light of the second amendment, that would seem to be a rhetorical question, but some gun control lobbyists have been arguing for years that making records of gun owners public will reduce crime. Personal identity protection and the storage of private data are critical issues
Thursday, February 25 2021 / Published in ATF, Form 4473, Gun Stores
firearm transfers
What do customers want in a gun purchase experience? According to discussions in various online forums like The High Road, a large part of it is excellent service, including speedy and hassle-free firearm transfers. While the cost of the gun is always an important factor, small gun shop owners (LGS) can compete without offering bargain-basement

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