National Instant Criminal Background Check System

E4473 is equipped with NICS out of the box.

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E4473 comes equipped with the Easy Entry NICS system input right out of the box, allowing you to accurately submit background check information without mistakes.


Say goodbye to manually writing out paper NICS identity information. With E4473 the Easy Entry NICS system input is built directly into the user registration forms. The information is then securely stored and sent in a digital format to the ATF in compliance with federal regulation. Never make an error; never miss a beat with the Easy Entry E4473 NICS system.

E4473 is NICS-Equipped

Eliminates Manual Entry

Auto-Compliance Updates

Easy Entry NICS

Error-Free Forms

Accurate Background Checks

"They have taken it 10 steps further with E4473, adding next-level feel to the customer experience, limiting employee errors, and reducing somewhat our mounds of government paperwork."

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