All In One 4473 Software for Gun Stores and FFLs

An end-to-end ATF compliance solution for faster, safer gun transactions.

A Smarter Way to Do Gun Transactions

Bravo E4473 is the first end to end digital solution for gun transactions. E4473 digital process and native integration with Bravo Point of Sale puts an end to manual work for you and your customers, reduces manual errors and mitigates liability with 100% ATF compliance with ATF regulations.

Whether you’re a small gun shop, eCommerce firearm retailer, pawnshop or large retailer, we’ve reimagined the process of firearm transactions creating an incredible, complaint experience for you and your customers.


Built for firearm retailers large and small

100% ATF Compliant

We play ball by the book. Our legal team stays ahead of the curve so you can sell firearms worry-free. We ensure that E4473 is always compliant with ATF regulations.

Automated eNICS

Auto fill NICS forms through our eNICS Chrome extension for fast, accurate background check submissions.

Firearm Transfers

Make third party and private party gun transfers quickly and easily, saving you time and money while providing an improved customer experience.

Mobile & Kiosk Compatible

Offer your customers options. E4473 offers the flexibility to complete forms on their phone or on any in-store device.

Second Signature

Customers can easily recertify and resign their E4473, ensuring that the date of the signature matches the date the firearm was transferred, while providing a hassle-free customer experience.

Automated 3310s

With E4473, 3310 forms are auto completed and emailed to ATF/CLEO, saving you time and money with no more manual or duplicate entry.

Employee Guidance

Built-in definitions and exceptions for every question on the E4473, plus 24/7 online video training, FAQs and support information.

Integrated A&D Books

Trust that your A&D books are complete, accurate and compliant. E4473 maintains natively integrated A&D books, ensuring all records are compliant and up to date, automatically.

Bypass Option

Provide customers the 4473 experience they prefer. With E4473 Bypass you can print the 4473 form for customers who prefer to manually complete and sign.

What Out Clients Say

Get started with E4473 in minutes

Step 1

Register Your Business

Complete the registration form on, and submit it for internal review.

Step 2

Integrate with E4473

An account representative will help get E4473 set up on your website and in-store.

Step 1

Begin Processing Forms

Customers will begin submitting digital 4473 forms for review and approval.

Step 1

Organize and optimize.

Modernize your operations and make form retrieval easy with E4473 Cloud Storage.


E4473 is a native integration to Bravo Point of Sale. This allows you to operate your entire business through one central system.

Once the firearm is identified for sale or redemption, your employee will be prompted to either:

Send your customer a link via text to the E4473 form
Print a QR code that can be scanned at any kiosk tablet or laptop
The customer can complete the E4473 on any device.

Yes. Store employees will be alerted if answers to certain yes/no questions require additional review or if some answers appear to be incomplete/incorrect. E4473 does not verify every form field and store employees should still do a thorough review of customer answers.
E4473 pricing is based on tiered packages. Click to see what package will work best for you.
Every tier of E4473 includes e-signatures. They can be captured either on a mobile device or tablet by using a finger or on the Topaz signature device
Yes, you can upload documents to each firearm transaction record in E4473.
Yes. 3310 forms are automated and included with E4473.

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