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E4473 offers an end-to-end digital verification process for firearm retailers.

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E4473 combines the process of submitting firearm applications and NICS background checks into one simple digital solution. Never print another piece of paper, and forget about scanning, faxing, or mailing documents. From completing a 4473 form and reviewing errors to getting a signature and storing paperwork, our end-to-end digital verification process takes care of everything.

The E4473 platform has been developed with sophisticated architecture, an intuitive user interface, and a thoughtfully-engineered user experience. Our software integrates directly with Bravo Store Systems Point of Sale for a seamless, turn-key solution. E4473 can be used on any device with an internet connection and is optimized for every major operating system.

"E4473 makes the end-to-end process better for consumers, sellers, and the ATF."

The main reason firearms transactions are unsuccessful is due to errors on customers' 4473 forms. Don't leave money on the table because of human error. As the ATF releases new firearm sales regulations and requirements, E4473 gets updated along with them. We offer verification and validation of every field on every form. Our team makes sure you'll always be audit-ready.

Built for firearm retailers of all sizes, E4473 is the solution you need to successfully run a stress-free business. Let our unique smart software give you the peace of mind you deserve. It's time to go digital—and E4473 is the solution.

Save Money On Paper

Prevent Errors

Stay 100% Compliant

Control Resources

Get Remote Access 24/7

Be Audit Ready

Reduce Wasted Time

Increase Convenience

Sell More Guns

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