Bulletproof Security

Safely store all of your forms in one place.

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Around-The-Clock Security

E4473's security never sleeps, keeping your data safe 24/7/365.

Personal Identity Protection

E4473 keeps your identity and personal data secure and private.

Ongoing Data Backups

Never lose any information with E4473 automatic data backups.

Bulletproof security to give you peace of mind

E4473 eliminates the liability and hassle of paper records. We offer unmatched data security and privacy that reduce liability for Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) and provide a better experience for consumers.

E4473 operates with a five-star security protocol, including document and storage encryption and secure sign-in.

Stopping malware in its tracks

Most FFLs are forced to store thousands of pages of customers' private information under lock and key or, worse, on unsecured computers. E4473 offers the ultimate solution by capturing customer data and securely storing the information on our remote servers.

Never worry about local data breaches again. A 24/7 monitoring service is included with each of our paperless storage packages to protect you against attacks.

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Your Data and Privacy Are Important


E4473 is NOT a national registry or data marketing service. We do NOT sell customer or consumer data to the ATF or any other third party services. We make all efforts to shield your data and keep your information secure. That's a promise we'll fight to protect.

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