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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — January 12, 2022 — Bravo Systems, the leading provider of point-of-sale platforms, mobile applications, and eCommerce products for the firearm, retail, and pawn industries, announced today the launch of E4473 Cloud Storage.  

“We couldn’t be more excited to kick off 2022 with the launch of such a transformative solution for the firearms industry,” said Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “The release of E4473 Cloud Storage signals our continued commitment to providing relevant software solutions and innovative technology to industries that are often underserved. Our first-to-market E4473 solutions means that firearm retailers now have a complete 360° digital solution for firearm transactions, providing a path for profitable growth and scale.”  

E4473 Cloud Storage Key Features & Benefits

Customers who sign up for E4473 Cloud Storage also benefit from Bravo's end-to-end support with the ATF variance application and approval process.

  • Paperless Storage eliminates thousands of storage boxes and unsecured paper documents, provides easy and fast retrieval of 4473 forms and other required documents for traces and audits, and includes 20-year storage of all required forms in accordance with ATF regulations.
  • ATF Audit Portal allows ATF agents to perform E4473 audits seamlessly with a restricted-access audit portal built directly into the E4473 Cloud Storage solution.
  • Variance Application Assistance equips customers with everything needed to complete the ATF variance application including an application template with pre-loaded answers to ATF questions.
  • Employee & ATF Training Resources make it easy for customers to start using E4473 Cloud Storage and provide ATF agents with step-by-step E4473 Cloud Storage audit guides & videos.

To request a demo or to sign up for E4473 Cloud Storage, visit e4473.com/sign-up/.

E4473 2.4

October 12, 2021

New Functionality
  • Customers can add FFL business name for store in configuration settings. The FFL business name will automatically populate on the form when the FFL # is set for your store.
  • 'NICS Status' added a new reason when CCW and NFA are skipped. This is also a searchable field in Ad Hoc.
  • New name validation between the E4473 info and the name in the Bravo customer profile on the Form Review screen.

E4473 2.3

April 1, 2021

New Functionality
Second Signature Makes E4473 Even Easier
  • Customers can easily recertify and resign their E4473.
  • This enhancement enables incredible customer experience while keeping you 100% ATF compliant by ensuring that the date of the signature matches the date the firearm was transferred.
Employee Signature Allows Employees to Sign E4473 with a Saved Signature
  • Employees can create and save an electronic signature in the Bravo platform.
  • Their saved signature will automatically appear in the required fields of the E4473.

E4473 2.2

February 10, 2021



E4473 Digital Bypass Option in Bravo Point of Sale
  • Bravo customers can choose to "bypass" the digital 4473 form and offer the print/wet ink 4473 to customers instead.
  • All other processes remain the same and remain compliant (i.e. approve/deny process, NICS check, etc)

E4473 2.1

JANUARY 4, 2021


The location of the E4473 form has moved from UsedGuns.com to form.E4473.com.
  • Bravo customers using a global login for store kiosks will need to create a new account on forms.E4473.com. For new E4473 forms, consumers will now access and complete the E4473 at form.E4473.com.
  • Consumers must create a new account on forms.E4473.com. Existing accounts created on UsedGuns.com will not be moved to forms.E4473.com.
  • For E4473 forms in progress on UsedGuns.com, consumers will access and complete the partially completed E4473 form by logging into UsedGuns.com.

E4473 2.0

NOVEMBER 25, 2020


2020 E4473 is live

The E4473 platform has been updated to be 100% compliant with the new 2020 ATF regulations and requirements.

E4473 1.1

SEPTEMBER 28, 2020



NFA Transaction

Customer age check on DFA firearm transactions is corrected

E4473 1.0

AUGUST 1, 2020


Beta is Live

E4473 is compatible with the 2016 version of the ATF’s 4473. Your customers can visit Usedguns.com to start their 4473 form.

Integration with Bravo Pawn Platform

E4473 is fully integrated with the Bravo Pawn Platform. As soon as your customer completes their part of the 4473, the transaction can be completed within Bravo POS.

E4473 History in A&D book

The A&D book shows the history of associated E4473 forms next to the specific line number in the book. If there are two or more E4473 forms associated with a single line, each E4473 can be selected and viewed.


Notification enhancements

You will be notified in real-time of any incomplete fields or flagged answers. You can view, print, or deny the digital 4473.

Mobile Optimized

Usedguns.com is mobile-optimized, which means your customers can easily fill out their form from a cell phone, tablet, or PC.

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