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E4473 offers an end-to-end digital gun form for firearm retailers.

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E4473's digital 4473 gun form simplifies the process of applying for firearms and conducting NICS background checks with a single digital solution. No more printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing paper documents. Our comprehensive digital verification process covers everything from filling out a 4473 gun form and checking for errors to obtaining a signature and storing records.

The E4473 platform is built with advanced architecture, a user-friendly interface, and a carefully-designed user experience. Our software connects directly with Bravo Store Systems Point of Sale for a smooth, ready-to-use solution. E4473's digital gun form works on any device with internet access and is compatible with every major operating system.

"E4473 makes the end-to-end process better for consumers, sellers, and the ATF."

One of the most common causes of lost sales for firearm dealers is mistakes on the paper 4473 forms filled out by customers. You don't want to miss out on revenue because of avoidable errors. E4473's digital gun form is a software that keeps up with the latest ATF rules and regulations for firearm sales. E4473 ensures that you are always compliant and ready for any audit.

E4473 is designed for firearm retailers of any size, and it helps you run your business smoothly and without stress. Our smart software takes care of the details and gives you the confidence you need. It's time to switch to digital—and E4473 is the solution.

Save Money On Paper

Prevent Errors

Keep Up With ATF Regulations

Control Resources

Get Remote Access 24/7

Be Audit-Ready

Reduce Wasted Time

Increase Convenience

Sell More Guns

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